When her book (Believe It or Not – Mama Likes the Nursing Home!) was published, it opened more doors for Kathryn, the author (without Miz Maudie), to speak to caregiver groups, including state and national conventions for health care associations, Activities, Directors of Nursing, as well as family caregivers themselves.

Across the country she’s been called upon to share the real-life story of her mother and herself, finding hope when all seemed hopeless in the reversal of circumstances. It is touching, yet humorous, as Kathryn relates how her mother, at first given up to die, finds a glimmer of hope no one else has and polishes it into a bright and shining new life for herself and countless others – and how she puts gray in Kathryn’s hair with her “miraculous recovery” when she starts courtin’ in the nursing home!

Readers’ most frequent remarks: “I laughed. I cried. I couldn’t put it down!”

Kathryn’s latest book “Long Way From Lonely” has recently been released and is now available from major retailers in hardback, paperback or as an e-book format.

Book Synopsis: In his early twenties, Alan Woodward returns to Baltimore from World War II only to find himself alone and lonely. With meager possessions, on a cold dreary day in 1946 he begins a trip southward to a warmer climate in his search for a college, a home, and someone to love. Along the way, his journey takes an amazing turn. Is it cultural-or something else?

So many requests came from people wanting to “take Miz Maudie home” with them or share her with others that Kathryn developed DVD’s of live performances by Miz Maudie. These were filmed at retreats for women and seniors as well as one in a nursing home, especially for resident activities and staff in-services..

Response to the clean humor has been rewarding as viewers say: “I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time and I feel so much better!” “The video has really brought our people out. Those who are usually glum laugh heartily and talk for days afterward about Miz Maudie stories.” “We use your videos for shut-in’s and it’d really touch you if you could see how you’ve brightened their days.” “We don’t get to go to ladies retreats but watching your video brought retreat to us! You hit the nail on the head on scenes from our daily lives.”