Well, Dear Friends,

It’s taken some twenty years but the book is finally completed, published and on the market!

Thanks for all your interest in it and encouragement to me.

Book Cover - Long Way From LonelyInfo: Long Way from Lonely by Kathryn J. Martin
Genre: Christian Fiction
Publisher: WestBow Press division of Thomas Nelson

It’s the story of a young man, Alan Woodward, just returning from World War II only to find himself alone and lonely in Baltimore and starting southward for a warmer clime, a new life and hopefully someone to love.

Along the way he’s in for some surprises as he discovers a whole new world awaiting him.

The book is in hard cover, soft cover and e-book.

So far those ordering it through Amazon.com and WestBowPress.com are reporting the fastest service.

It’s available also through the larger retail bookstores but right now it’s so new you may have to ask them to look on their computers to order it for you if it’s not on their shelves. (More info below.)

A few of the comments in this short time

“Finally a book I can read and understand!”

“So clean. No cursing. No violence. Great!”

“Kathryn, you owe me a day’s work. (Kidding) This morning I was just going to glance through the book and got so entranced I read all day and haven’t gotten anything else done.”

“Such a sweet story. Characters so real I feel I know them.”

“An easy enjoyable read. Couldn’t put it down.”

“As soon as I finished it I read it again.”

A radio review: “We live in a world where bad people write bad books about bad people doing bad things and they make big money. This week I read a good book about good people doing good things and it’s by a good writer. How’s that for a refreshing change! You gotta get this book!”

The story behind the story

My second mom, co-writer and co-speaker many of you remember, Jacklyn Welch Shockley, started the story back when her vision was just beginning to fade and within a few months asked my help in the research and writing following her story line.

In fact, the wording on the back of the soft-cover book says she was nicknamed “The Thinker” and I, “The Doer”. We made a wonderful team, enjoying the time we spent writing even when she could no longer see but shared her part of the story in her heart and mind.

I’m happy to say that men are as interested in reading Long Way from Lonely as the ladies.

Thanks again for all you’ve been and still are to me.

Thinking of you often,