Here’s what people have said after being a part of an Inspiration Plus event.

“Everyone on the committee agreed that you have been one of the most widely received, and re-received speakers that we have ever had. So, I know the Lord will honor that and you will be back a third time.” (He did!) —– Kathy Gonzalez, California

“Miz Maudie is a unique creation of Kathryn Martin’s whereby she entertains, educates, indoctrinates and enlightens people with an unusual blend of the holy and humorous in good taste without cheapening her ministry or compromising her message.” —– Rev. Doyle C. Smith, Georgia

“Kathryn Martin makes people aware in everyday problems, God cares! Helps people see themselves in the light of the Word. Makes you laugh, makes you cry, as she wins audiences across the nation. Is an inspiration and winner of souls.” —– Zylphia R. Dickerson, Indiana

“Surely God has placed you in a ministry with unique abilities to help meet hurting people. You are a trophy of God’s grace, to have resurfaced from a disabling past with a positive attitude, a joyful spirit, and a keen insight, all flavored with the love of God… Miz Maudie has a disarming way of catching people off guard and bringing an awakening of truths that, for many, have been dusty and dormant.” —– Carol Pounds, Missouri

“It is a marvelous gift that God has given you–laughter and love are necessary requisites in keeping one’s sanity in today’s world. Thank you for sharing your gift with us at the women’s luncheon for the International Evangelism Conference.” —– Lillian Johnston, Texas

Comments from Retreat Attendees:

“Kathryn was so easy to listen to. Made me feel she was visiting in my home talking to me as a friend.” —– New Hampshire

“You seem to have a gift for understanding just what we’re feeling. Thank you for sincerely caring.” —– North Carolina

“She was the first speaker I ever saw spend so much time with the people when we weren’t in session. She even ate with us. I saw lots of ladies (myself included) go talk to her that never approached a speaker before.” —– Alabama

“I came to retreat feeling hopeless and defeated, but after hearing Kathryn I took new courage and my life hasn’t been the same since. I could hardly wait to tell her that when she came the second time.” —– California

“You can ask my wife, I never stood in line to meet any speaker before, but you touched my life so, I’ve been inching along in this line over 45 minutes to get to you! (Two years later at same retreat [Schroon Lake, NY] Kathryn recognized this couple at the end of the line. The husband said, “We knew how it’d be – so we went to our room, had a snack, watched a little TV and came back!”) —– New York